Wednesday, May 25, 2016

CLOSED FOR RENOVATION - start from 10 May 2016

Tutup - Temporarily CLOSED for Renovation

Para pengunjung bisa tetap berfoto di gerbang Museum Kata selama masa penutupan karena renovasi. Nikmati juga kopi khas Kupi Kuli dan Mie Belitong Ngai di Warung Kupi Kuli 2 yang berlokasi di sebelah kiri museum.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Welcome To 


Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Indonesia First Literary Museum

Since 2010
Gerbang depan musem

Halaman tengah; Pohon -pohon Sang Pemimpi

Laskar Pelangi International Editions;
It's been translated to over 20 languages and  published in more than 100 countries

Books Of Windows Of The World Project: Open The Doors, Read, Learn, and Be Inspired

The Mozaic on the floor at Reading and Writing Space

Our Literary Earth Project; Learn about Belitong and the beauty and uniqueness of  its geological map

 Post Office at Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Andy F Noya, who sent the first postcard from our post office

A spontaneous poet reading from the visitor at The Rainbow Troops Theater
Literary Music Chairs made by our local artists -Take your seat

Reading and Writing Space; Just bring your books and enjoy your reading here

Books of Windows on The World Project

Read, Listen and Be Inspired

Students visiting Andrea Hirata Words Museum

Enthusiastic visitors of Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Cerpen Andrea Hirata yang belum pernah diterbitkan- Hirata's Unpublished Short Stories- available at the Museum only

Literary Art-painting- in Mahar Room


Explore and Discover the uniqueness of a literary museum

Traditional Malay Kitchen

Story Telling at the Museum

Literary Art by Andrea Hirata - "My Coffee Tears"

Our visitors from all over the world

The First Edition of Umberto Eco's "The Name of The Rose"

Andrea Hirata with his english students and a guest teacher from Australia, Cynthia Webb
Andrea Hirata giving English lesson to his free school students

Andrea Hirata Free School Students and ZDF TV Germany

Peter Kunz, our guest teacher from Germany, teaching few German words to the students

Andrea Hirata gives a motivational speech to the high school graduate on Belitung Island

Museum's Jammin' Session every afternoon at The Rainbow Troops Theater

Andrea Hirata and his guitar: catch his performance when he's  around

Spontaneous Music performance by our visitors